Room Redesign and Styling Services

Previous clients have said to me that they can’t afford an expensive interior designer and all that it entails, such as custom draperies and high end furniture. You may have dogs, cats, small children and many times your lifestyle does not allow for an expensive makeover.

This is where interior styling can compliment your organizing efforts…


  • To rework and refresh the space in a way that works for your lifestyle and family.
  • To design the space to look beautiful but also incorporate organizational systems that are easy to maintain and work with the new aesthetic
  • Discuss your vision for the room and work towards creating that vision

Styling Services:

  • Room layout suggestions
  • Paint selection
  • Repurposing furniture or accessories that you already own in a more useful way
  • Creating or Purchasing the best organizational system for the space
  • Shopping for products: (rugs, lamps, curtains, furniture, wall art,  decorative accessories)
  • Creating a custom Pinterest board with ideas for the space
  • Shelf styling/organizing
  • Arranging the space and bringing the overall look to completion

Other special services:


  • Declutter or whole house cleanouts
  • Pack up items for move
  • Recommend repairs and updates before putting house on the market
  • Styling for photo shoot and showings
  • Shop for any items needed to refresh a room and make house more marketable

Holiday Decorating:

  • Help unpack holiday decorations and bring to appropriate room
  • Reorganize holiday decorations when putting away at end of season
  • Trim the tree
  • Create a centerpiece and table settings for guests
  • Create a new color scheme or look based on your vision
  • Shop for new decorations
  • Decorate any area that needs decorating!


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